The Life and Times of David Hughes

Hi, this is me... (yeah, that's a pretty accurate representation)

By day I am a Product Manager and former Technical Consultant and Business Analyst for SafeGuard World International, a Global Payroll Provider. My primary focus is on the integration of client HR systems with our Global Payroll Management System, to maintain the consistency of employee demographic and variable pay data.

I work closely with Workday as part of their Global Payroll Cloud program to enable joint Workday and SafeGuard clients to quickly and easily integrate their Workday HCM data with SafeGuard payroll.

Our partnership has been in place for a number of years and we are currently certified in over 100 countries around the globe. In 2014 we became the first winners of the GPC Partner Award


But really, what am I like?

See, told you it was pretty accurate!

Outside of work, I am married to the lovely Angela and have three great kids who I love spending time with. In a vain attempt to stay fit I playing badminton at least once a week (not as much as I did in my teenage years, when I would play five times a week), and I take my two dogs for walks along the waterfront of the River Clyde.

Yeah, all very rock and roll I agree. But if I do get time to let my (obviously metaphorical) hair down I taking the motorbike for a spin around the amazing Scottish countryside.

Work, family, a little sport and that's about it, yeah? Well, yeah. Not much time for anything else. I work hard for Safeguard World International, and take pride in the work I do. When I finish I try to spend time with the kids and the wife, if they are not at their numerous clubs.

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Stay Tuned... this is coming late 2017
Stay Tuned... this is coming late 2017

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